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He there!

Sergey Pokolodin founded Viva  Mortgage after successfully navigating mortgage and finance industry for over 10 years. Sergey has worked in various roles and leadership positions where he obtained invaluable knowledge about the industry. For years he has led teams conducting research and analytics on various mortgage related subjects: interest rates, mortgage lenders’ guidelines, federal rules and regulations, economic and capital markets analytics, as well as technology and innovation solutions. 

Bringing this knowledge and unparalleled work ethic to Viva Mortgage, Sergey was able to build efficient operations, which are based on two simple principles:  Speed of service and  limited consumer involvement. And the result? Hundreds of satisfied customers!

Sergey received his Finance and Banking degree summa cum laude from Florida International University. He is known as a person who is always willing to help others solve their problems, who is up for any challenge and who never says no. 
Let Sergey deal with YOUR mortgage problem!
Do not hesitate to reach out by calling or texting any time of day at 305-797-9394.

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