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Are you busy at your job or at running your business and don't have time to research the best mortgage product that will work for you? 

Call us 24/7 and our dedicated agent will find you a solution in no time!

First-Time Home Buyer

Purchase, Cash-Out & Refinance
Conventional, Government, Non-QM options
Down payment as little as 3%

The Nations Fastest Growing
Mortgage Broker

Bank Statement Program

Tax Returns or Pay stubs Not required
Primary, Secondary, Investment Properties
Down payment as little as 10%

No Income Program

Investment Property Only
Loan Amount Up to $5,000,000
Down payment as little as 20%

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Why Working with

Viva Mortgage

We educate you and help you prepare your finances and credit history many months ahead of the time when you decide to start looking for a house, and we don't mind giving consultations for free. 

We have access to 40 different banks, which provides you a ton of options in choosing the best fitting program.

We are a your personal consultant - we hold your hand throughout this complex and lengthy process of obtaining mortgage financing. 

We find you the best rate across 40 different banks.

You can contact us at any time of day and night after your business hours.



During this step, our loan officer will discuss your unique situation and will walk you through general requirements of a loan process

School Application


This is where our loan officer will ask you to provide several pieces of information in order to officially submit your file and get the ball rolling.


During this step, our loan officer will give you more detailed information about your future monthly payment, interest rate, down payment and closing costs

Image by Romain Dancre


At this step, loan officer will ask you to provide basic documentation about income and asset like paystubs and bank statements in order to back up the information that you indicated earlier


Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of how much of a house you can afford, you can reach out to your realtor and start looking for a house of your dream

Image by Ralph (Ravi) Kayden


This is the last step of the process where your loan documentation is all checked off and validated. Within few days you sign final closing documents and get your keys to your dream house

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